Why do people cheat in video games?

There are so many games online that you can and there is no wonder why people want to cheat. There are many prizes that you can win and some of them go up to a few million dollars. This is something that many people in this world want – to get rich quick. Although you can’t really cheat in Dota 2, you can cheat in many other games though. Recently I found these Toon Blast cheats where you can get more coins in the game. This isn’t really a competitive game, but it’s a game nonetheless.

Cheats in video games

So, we are talking cheats. People use cheats to get premium currency or advantage in online games. There were a few cheaters in the gaming world who used cheats live on Twitch.tv where they streamed games online in front of thousands of people. Many of them were caught and with that killed they careers on Twitch. They had potential, but they didn’t want to work hard to get on a higher level of gameplay, they just wanted to get there as soon as possible and now they are only shamed in YouTube videos. Check the video below where you will see 10 people who were caught cheating in online games. But they are not the only one, maybe the most popular ones.

The cold, hard truth

The truth is, these cheats are very easy to find, download and use. When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came out, it took programmers only 3 full hours to develop and publish working cheats that successfully bypasses the anti-cheat engine in the game. That is just sad. More and more money and time is wasted on anti-cheat engines for games. All that time and money developers could use to make even better games, but instead they need to focus on anti-cheat engine which often times fails.

There are not many games that have a very good anti-cheat engine and some games don’t even need it as players just have so much respect to the game to use cheats. For example, I’ve been playing Battlefield games and I didn’t came across more than 10 cheaters in a few years that I played the game. That is pretty amazing. The new game that came out last year, PUBG (PlayersUknowns Battlegrounds) has so many cheater and people are actually making money on the cheats that they make. The most popular marketing tactic that they have is that they will go on Twitch, find a streamer that has a lot of viewers (over 10 000) and donate money and paste the link where people will find the cheats. 10 000 is watching live and you can bet that at least 5% of those people will go to the website and see what they are offering.


Cheats are here, they are everywhere and we have to live with it. We need to find ways to combat them so we can all enjoy the games we play. Many of us don’t have much free time and when we play games, we don’t like to play with or against the cheaters as it is not fun at all. Stay cool in the gaming world, friends.